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Gleeson Thoroughbred Connections

The Perfect Start



Gleeson Thoroughbred Connections (GTC) was established in 2010 as a result of our ever expanding broodmare band and the desire to breed quality thoroughbreds with a reputation for being tough, well educated, athletic, well balanced and ultimately successful. While GTC has only been in existence for a short period of time, we have had a lifelong involvement with horses in some form or another, however racing has always been our passion.
Over the past few years we have accumulated a quality broodmare band and shares in some of the best stallions standing in Queensland. Our core business is to breed to sell, however from time to time we have fillies available for lease for those who are involved in racing or for those who would like to be involved. It is our aim is to develop long lasting relationships which are mutually rewarding.


A Safe and Natural Environment

Raised and rotated in large improved pasture paddocks allowing horses to develop size, strength and natural fitness.


Experienced Horsemen

A lifetime involvement with horses, we are horse people in the business of horses.

Well Educated Horses

At an early age, horses are handled frequently and taught discipline and patience in order to gain maturity and avoid injury and disappointment.


Proven Track Record

We breed horses to race and perform on the track, evidenced by our large number of winners including Group 1 winner, Rothfire.