Leasing is a means to gain involvement in racing social networks with NO UPFRONT COSTS! We provide you with a quality thoroughbred which is ready to go to the trainer. If you are interested either contact us as an individual or assemble a group of racing enthusiasts as a syndicate and participate in the enjoyment and excitement of racing a horse.
We want you to be successful. We only lease horses who are athletic and have pedigrees which have the potential to be lucrative in the breeding barn on the completion of their racing career. All horses leased are in good condition and have been raised on our property in a safe and quality environment. This is vitally important because the horse has been given every opportunity to be successful from the day that he or she is born.
Unlike many other similar businesses, we raise the horse from birth. The horse is registered, branded, broken-in and is eligible for incentive schemes such as QTIS and on occasions, the prestigious Magic Millions. At the age of two years the horse is usually ready to be sent off to a trainer. We take the risk of preparing the horse prior to its racing career because we have confidence in the potential of the horses that we are leasing.
When you lease a horse from us it is your responsibility to:
1. Arrange for the horse to be broken-in and pay for the breaking and transport expenses.
2. Contact a trainer of your choice to discuss the specific arrangements for the training of the horse. We allow you to have the responsibility to manage the racing career of the horse, however one of the conditions of the lease is that we require the horse to be trained by a provincial or metropolitan trainer.
3. Organise transport to the trainer
4. Manage partnership / syndicate membership in terms of costs and involvement responsibilities
5. Select the racing name of the horse as an individual, or where appropriate, in consultation with the members of your syndicate.
6. Provide a negotiated percentage of any prize money won to the owner. The industry standard is usually between 15-25%.
7. Return the horse in sound condition
8. Commit to pay all costs while the horse is in training and to transport the horse to and from the trainer. We recommend you discuss all associated training costs with your trainer prior to commencement.
We provide to lessees the opportunity to race the horse in the Gleeson Thoroughbred Connections colours and if required we have many connections in the industry and are happy to assist with selecting trainers, transport providers, vets etc.
Leasing is a great way for people who want to race a horse but don’t want to have all the costs associated with owning a horse. Under this concept it is purely a ‘pay as you go’ scenario. You only pay while the horse is racing and have an opportunity to share in the significant prizemoney on offer. If you decide at any point that you no longer wish to continue racing the horse than you can withdraw at any time surrendering the lease without obligation.
The prizemoney on offer has increased dramatically over the years through various incentive schemes in Queensland. All horses from Gleeson Thoroughbred Connections are eligible for QTIS bonuses which means for some races prize money can be significantly more. For example a typical Saturday metropolitan race for two year olds registered for QTIS horses could be worth around $50,000 to the winner whereas for non-QTIS horses it would be $32,000.